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Monitoring Platform & SaaS Template

The client & the project

A digital product based on a University research project for Politecnico of Bari, in Omnitext.

As a Product Designer - UX specialist I defined some interactions and wireframes for the platform and Designed them to support the UI Designers with some screens templates.

My role was to facilitate gathering the research insight documentation, understanding and defining the Information Architecture, wireframes, interactions, and early mockups flow to discuss with the team.

Live risk is a product SaaS focused on estimating the risk of an environment using different data and analyses (firestorm risk, flood risk, and earthquake risk) helping insurance Agencies to create the right plan.

Problem overview

Nowadays there are no simple products or services to measure the environmental risk, which is too important for insurance Agencies to evaluate the risk and create the right assurance plan for clients quickly, with transparency and trust.

Monitoring Web Platform
What was the challenge?

Research overview

We made some Desk research to validate or invalidate some assumptions:

During the discovery phase of this project, I conducted also user interviews in order to get a better understanding of the problem.

Some problems we've got from research data:

  • Lack of trusted visibility and potential risk index

  • Public Administrations waste time analyzing and evaluating the effective risk through very old processes 

  • Large need for automation and Artificial Intelligence experience

  • Create value for Business Users working with Environment evaluation like Assurance Agencies

In order to follow the University research project, and define an MVP, being part of the team of designers we've got a bit of data and insight to define the early Information Architecture and Design the main interactions and Wireframes.

Monitoring Web Platform

Run the solution with the Design Sprint

The design sprint methodology enables us to ask all the right questions and focus on the solution.

Sharing every document on boards and designing the solutions on Miro (I reported it on Figjam to be able to show the work). We started defining the information architecture for the product studying the as-is experience with shadowing research methods. To define the first ideation as a team we used to approach the understanding stage with expert sessions, "how might we" boardings, and co-design the early Information architecture and some sketches.

Monitoring Web Platform
Monitoring Web Platform


I usually start the design process with low fidelity wireframes. This is the way I iterate through many design options quickly.

In order to create the first framework solution, I designed some quick wireframes and flow.

Starting with data collection and defining some user needs, I provided a first attempt at a Dashboard design, and other elements including management and contact list.

Monitoring Web Platform

Wire flows

At the beginning of my design process, I created wireframes for testing purposes.

To communicate quickly the ideas I shared some wire flows to show up the interaction and flow solutions, using Whimsical to speed up the wireframing process, and do some fast iterations on the first design.

Monitoring Web Platform
Monitoring Web Platform

UI Design and mockups

After some evaluations with the design team and the researchers from University, we've got some early tests on wireframes with Users in target, learning that: a Dashboard that gives the user a high-level view of any data can help the quick intervention and accomplish be proactive in solving prevention risk. To reach the goal I started creating an actionable flow to conduct user tests and share ideas with developers and the design team.

The company has talked about the need to have a very fresh and modern style, this enables me as a Ux designer to support the UI designer in defining all visual elements especially the table's style.

Fast Prototyping

This is a basic prototype created to test ideas and discuss with the team

Wrapping up

What have I learned from this project?

For this project, the main problem was to validate some assumptions in a very professional field like assurance agencies, it was difficult to really match the project goals from the University and the business needs, but we created a first MVP to make sure Business users were interested in this kind of product.

Total Screens
Interested Business users
This project was made by 3 different designers
I showed only the screens and activities I worked on